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We Don’t Even Know is a monthly live show including real talk, music & comedy.  Though Shonali & Christian like to give each other hell, together they celebrate a wide array of voices which are not heard enough! Guests come from the worlds of comedy, music, journalism, art, science, social, justice, dance, theater and more! 

Oct 2, 2020

During these pandemic times and social unrest, we are so thankful for our time together on We Don't Even Know.  We are especially thankful for Christian's first time reading of a letter he may or may not have received from his white family.  It is very touching.

Our first guest is artist Rodney White.  Rodney is an artist originally from August, GA who now lives Brooklyn, NY.   Rodney explains how his gear line Black On Black BK was created as a way to process trauma.  We talk what gives him hope in these times, multi-hyphenates &  how work makes a statement and starts a conversation!  See Christian & Shonali wearing their' Black on Black shirts on the show.  

Our own Jason Lam is a tech wizard who often warns his friends as to how AI may be used in evil ways in the future! Here he shares his gorgeous AI children with us. See the video on YouTube  For the first time ever Christian & Shonali make a wardrobe change in honor of their friend and guest singer & dancer Jack Dwyer!  

Singer, actor, dancer along Jack Dwyer and his Scandal wine goblet explains to us how he made the most of his Covid summer.  We had no idea that there is a gay Quidditch league in NYC. Jack is a gay man who does not play in it.  Jack continues to bring Christian & Shonali much joy and sings a beautiful rendition of Adele's Daydreamer for us. Go to ItsJackDwyer to enjoy more of his delightful spitfire-self!