Special guests comedian Hannibal Buress and musician Nicole Atkins join WDEK tonight! Christian, Shonali and Justin The Intern are still in their apartments in NYC.  This has been an especially rough week for everyone.  WDEK's mission is to spread the love with its first Garbage Giveaway including a hand me down tracksuit  and an ancient fondue set.  Congrats to our winners!  As this is a Zoom recording, please bear with us as there are some small hiccups in the sound due to the video freezes. 

Comedian, actor & rapper Hannibal Buress joins us from Gas Station, Arizona!  He explains how he got his comedy career started at the mini mart behind him. The man does it all, everything from rap to play all star celebrity basketball.  His new hit  Judge Judy is available now on iTunes.  Check it out! The song comes from the view of a person who was on the show and who is willing to get "roasted by Judge Judy." 

All the way from California, Nate Pierce joins us for Get It Off Your Chest!  Christian has some choice words for his friends.  Shonali  and celeb quarantining clickbait stories do not go together. Nate has issues with the passive aggressive pooper scoopers in his hood. 

Musician Nicole Atkins comes to us live from her attic in Nashville, TN. Nicole has a brand new album, Italian Ice which was just released on May 29, 2020 and available now.  Nicole's new release is a feel good album inspired by her NJ beach days and the boardwalk vibes of Asbury Park.  Nicole has come far from the days when she booked intimate shows in the small back room of Radio Perfecto in the East Village, NYC. She performs Domino live in her attic complete with sparkly curtains and disco lights.  

Thank you for your support and subscribe to us on iTunes. If you'd like to see our faces you can see our show on FB livestream here.  We also are on Youtube!  Stay safe everyone.  

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We come to you with our 2nd ever Live from the Epicenter of the Pandemic episode.We once again want to recognize and thank all of our first responders who are risking their lives for our communities. You are amazing!  Christian & Justin coincidentally both have a book about Assholes.  Hear who the assholes of this pandemic are today.  This pandemic is taking a toll on all of us especially those of us in NYC and we are eager for fellowship with friends new and old w guests comedian Chelsea Peretti and hip-hop artist Jabee. 

We bring back one of our most popular segments #GetItOffYourChest with guests Carrie Imberman and Susie Cangelosi!   Note if you are watching the video version of the show, their zoom backdrops are gorgeous.  Carrie let's you know how she feels about "pandemic homework" and Susie's apartment has become a WeWork!  Shonali has some strong words for new sourdough bread bakers. Christian notes new dating tactics during this pandemic. 

Our first guest is our longtime friend, comedian, actress, writer and songstress Chelsea Peretti who is staying at home in LA.   Her new EP Foam and Flotsam, a concept album about her obsession with coffee was released last week and it brings us so much joy! Christian, Chelsea & Shonali talk about her new video Oatmilk,  TP, wearing masks, cooking, Variety Shac and dog grooming.

Our final guest is hip-hop artist and actor, Jabee (Williams).  He comes to us from Oklahoma City along with DJ Reaper.  Jabee is an Emmy award winning prolific artist.  We discuss his sold out musical theatrical performance about his life, throwing his kids birthday parties during a pandemic and how Chuck D is his fan.  Jabee's upcoming album which due to the pandemic is probably going to be released in June 2020.  Support Jabee on Spotify via the Covid19 Artist fund which directs donations on behalf artists directly to the artists themselves.  Jabee performs two tunes for us live, Hands Up and Hope from his new upcoming album. 

Thanks to all of you! Follow our socials @wdekpodcast and stay tuned for our next episode on May 26!

For those of you who would like to see our faces during the show we have a few options!  Our live on FB fell episode version is https://www.facebook.com/372997412788760/videos/677139976190753/

Get It Off Your Chest:

Interview with Chelsea Peretti

Interview with Jabee

For those of you not on FB our YouTube link (Subscribe to us)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKpVb8GbPt8

Everyone stay at home!  Stay safe! We are still in the beginning of this! 

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