We welcome back Christian Felix aka Mr. Cardigan to the show.  Shonali & Christian discuss their preparations for the holiday season and seeing friends vs family over the holidays.  

Our first guest (00:08:45) is comedian & filmmaker Kenice Mobley.  Kenice is from North Carolina and came to NYC via Los Angeles and Boston MA.  Kenice has only been in NYC for the past 2 1/2 years and she has already made a big impact on the NYC comedy scene.  Kenice tells us about a time when she received a "high volume" of Richard pics from men. Find out how she dealt with them.   Kenice has a podcast called Love About Town w co-host Rohan Padhye discussing love, sex & relationships.  Christian and Shonali lobby to be on her show.  

Our second guest (00:26:50) is actress Angelline Chung who also happens to be a Julliard graduate thanks to her parents in Singapore. Angelline hails from Singapore and was on a television show there called Shall We Talk?  Her dream role is one which would deal with issues of mental health.   Angelline discusses how although Hollywood is doing it's best, it still needs to do more  regarding inclusivity and white washing Asian culture.  Angelline educates us as to exactly what "yellow fever" is.  She explains how this mindset and behavior is detrimental to everyone involved especially Asian women. 

We #GetItOffYour Chest (00:59:03) with former Ep. 21 WDEK guest, Pete Miser.  Christian and Pete have a heated conversation regarding chicken vs turkey for Thanksgiving.  Shonali is the Judge Judy of this debate.  Also don't loudly restate your partner's name over and over in a condescending way on a flight so that the entire flight feels bad for your partner. 

Our final guest (00:59:03) is cinematographer, filmmaker and photographer Hope Hall. She is currently Senior Road Videographer for Senator Elizabeth Warren 2020 Campaign. She was President Obama's Principal Videographer in the White House.  Hope is one of the most positive people we have had on the show.  Yes, her name is fitting.  We ask Hope what makes working for Senator Warren so special. We discuss Hope's unusual career transition into filmmaking and photography.  We share (1:35:21) some of Hope's helpful tips on mindfulness and getting through the tough times.  We are lobbying her to have a weekend seminar on these tips so we can all be as powerful a force as she is.

Another year winds down for We Don't Even Know.  We wish you the peace and joy during this holiday season and we will be back next year, for our live taping on January 28, 2020. 


Shonali & Christian


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We are 75 Episodes old as of of tonight, October 29, 2019.  Our guest co-host is choreographer, teacher, tennis fanatic and trivia master Joe Celej. Joe joins Shonali Bhowmik to discuss all things horrific.  Joe and Shonali are joined by guests artist Trish Tillman, comedian Clare O'Kane, Gary The Vampire and performer, musician, comic Lauren Maul.  

Trish Tillman is a visual artist who lives currently in NYC and in one of Oscar Wilde's former residences.  We discuss the plight of an artist - working all alone for hours on end and not talking to anyone; having multiple jobs to supplement your income as an artist and making art as a child in Washington, DC.  Shonali is convinced Trish's sculptures are influenced by the art residency she did in India in terms of the colors, decorations, materials and simple forms she uses. We discuss Bollywood horror films, slackers & Trish's solo show opening at Aysa Geisberg Gallery in Chelsea on Thursday Nov.7.  Go to her opening party from 6-8pm to see her gorgeous work up close! 

Thomas Kelsey joins us from the audience to play the game, Name That Mystery Candy!  We blindfold him and find out how many candies he named correctly after Joe inserts the candy into Thomas Mouth. Congrats to Thomas who won some seriously wonderful gifts! 

Clare O'Kane is a comedian from San Jose, California. We discuss opening for the emo punk band Jawbox, being a newlywed, DNA testing and how she's changed as a comedian in the past 9 years.  Make sure to check out her comedy album, Let It Be and her work as a writer on the second season of Shrill. Be on the lookout for Clare in a comedy club near you! 

Gary The Vampire (aka comedian Matt Little) makes a surprise appearance at WDEK.  He's really loud and was born in the 1600's before NYC became edgy.  He quickly let us know, he's not into Halloween and we commiserate with him.  Did you know that Vampires wear jean jackets?  

Our final guest of the night is performer, creator, musician, comic and all around do everything artist Lauren Maul. She calls herself a good witch and hosts her own show called Gathering of the Coven during the full moon. She fills us in on her latest project, an album of love songs which come from her recent agreement with her husband to have an open marriage.  It turns out initially it wasn't easy for Lauren's husband to go along with Lauren's request, but a year later accommodated for her.  Lauren performs two original songs in the Red Room live, 1) With A Witch and 2) All Her Things. We hope you enjoy. 

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While Christian is traveling for work, we are pleased to have Duane Harriott, join us as Shonali's guest co-host.  Duane is a wedding DJ, a legendary DJ on WFMU, a composer AND one of the stars of the Other Music Documentary which was released over the spring of 2019.  Shonali and Duane discuss the power of the wedding DJ and strangers eating your food. 

Their first guest is writer Tamara Best. (Timecode at 10:33) Her articles have been published in the New York Times, Time Out and The Daily Beast. She is the assistant managing editor of The Daily Beast.  Her work centers on the intersection of identity and culture for communities of people of color.  Tamara is of West Indian descent and also lived in Atlanta as did Shonali. They discuss Tamara's success in NYC as a writer and her parents' pride.  Tamara specifically shares her insight as to the urgency of the work (Fairview, Slave Play, Strange Loop, What To Send Up When It Goes Down) of a slew of African American playwrights who have recently burst onto the theater world. She and her husband a psychologist have healthy intellectual sparring matches. He happens to be in the audience and we notice his facial expressions throughout the night. HA! Tamara is in the process of writing her own play titled Hindsbury Hill, a tribute to her family. We look forward to seeing it when it is finished!

Our next guest is comedian Rob Cantrell   (Time code 31:52)  Rob so graciously performs some stand up for our studio audience in which he kills the Red Room.  Notice the two Bhowmik sisters laughing on both sides of the room. (Time code 42:06) Duane and Shonali talk to Rob about the "magic trick" of comedy and bombing.  He grew up in DC later moved to small town Virginia and eventually started his comedy career in San Francisco.  Duane and Rob bond on both being parents and Scorpios.  Rob is a very successful comedian who toured with Tracy Morgan this summer.  His tour story will blow your mind. Highlights include gyros, a blue turtleneck and leather shoes.  (Time code 52:40 - 59:01) Duane also has a Tracy Morgan story! #OtherMusic  (Time code 59:40) 

Our last guest is composer, teacher & musician Chris Opperman.  His Wikipedia page is outrageous.  Chris realized he wanted to be a composer when he first heard the music of Frank Zappa. He went to Berklee and he came up with his indie hit song Ain't Got No Beef as a result of a homework assignment after a visit to Taco Bell.  Check out his orchestration for a 54 piece orchestra for Steve Vai's For the Love of God here.  Duane and Chris have some Frank Zappa talk on which Shonali is clueless. Chris performs for the first time performs two piano pieces by other composers.  The first song (1:18:17) is Ann Southam's Pond Life.  His second performance is Ellen Zwilich's Lament (1:22:27).  If are interested in learning more about classical music, Chris has hundreds of Spotify playlists which he made for his students at Montclair State University. Check them out. Also stay tuned for Chris' Chamber Music from Hell project which is based on the concept of "What would Aliens write if they made BeBop music?" 

What a show! Thank you all!  Our next show is October 29, 2019 with comedian Clare O'Kane, artist Trish Tillman and music by Lauren Maul.  See you there!  Also please share our podcast with your friends and family.  They will thank you. Follow us on all social media @wdekpodcast

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It's the end of summer 2019 and beach time for Christian. Shonali & Christian's friendship is unique.  Their Episode 73 guests include playwright Jeremy O. Harris, comedian Nore Davis and musician Bianca Espinal aka BIA.E. This is an extra special double edition show.  

Christian and Shonali are so excited to have playwright Jeremy O. Harris join them just as his hit play Slave Play makes its way to Broadway! Their in depth conversation (00:07:56 - 01:08:20) includes topics such as Harris' Color Purple book report in the 6th grade, his mom, Club Monaco, his Rihanna interview, the relationship of fashion to theater, Aleshea Harris, black erasure, colonialism, white attention, being considered a "polarizing figure", academic probation, The 1619 Project, art criticism and his appreciation of Mr. Show.  Jeremy O. Harris will be the youngest black man to ever be on Broadway and is having a big party on the first night of previews for Slave Play on September 10th.  His Broadway premiere is on October 6th.  Get your tickets now.   

Comedian Nore Davis grew up in Yonkers, NY and quit college to do stand up. (at 1:08:40-1:36:08)  He grew up with a police officer dad and a controlling mom. Nore's upcoming comedy tv special is called "Too Woke" and he explains the many burdens which come with being "too woke."  We discuss toxic masculinity, respect for the stand-up Gods, job security and being on late night tv on Conan twice. Christian asks about Nore's use of the N word.  Nore has already released an Amazon comedy special called "You Guys are Dope" and his upcoming Comedy Central 1/2 Hour Special "Too Woke" comes out on November 8 at 11:30 PM. Check it out.  He has a regular show at Union Hall with his girlfriend comedian Nash Rose called Stellar Underground. 

Get It Off Your Chest (at 1:36:33) is BAAACKKKK with audience member and former WDEK guest JJ Sasnowski joining Christian & Shonali onstage.  Their problems range from cologne, road rage and unwritten NYC rules.  

WDEK's last guest of the evening is musician Bianca Espinal (01:44:45) aka BIA.E (Be Infinite Anywhere Everywhere.)  Bianca is Dominican and grew up in Harlem. She started busking on the subway platform with her father at 17 years old.  She also auditioned American Idol and The Voice where Pharrell gave her the best advice. She received the semi-final position in Tengo Talento Mucho Talento, a Hispanic International televised show. Atlhough her sultry voice is unique to herself, you can hear Espinal's many influences like Lianne La Havas, Amy Winehouse, and Dusty Springfield when she sings.  She sings two of her original songs Anytime (at 2:03:21) and Time (at 2:07:00).  Look for B.I.A.E on IG to find out about her upcoming shows. 

Enjoy! Thank you all!  See you next month! Follow us on all social media @wdekpodcast

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The Red Room has new air conditioning and WDEK is soaking it up. Christian and his washcloth went to a nude beach. Shonali is feeling like a real New Yorker.  Their guests on July 30, 2019 are magician Greg Dubin - "The Great Dubini," Comedian Chelsea White and Musician Tash Neal. 

Shonali thought Greg Dubin aka "The Great Dubini" was a comedian when she met him but found out he was much more than that - he's funny and he's also a professional magician! He does tricks for us at the top of his interview and even Shonali & Christian who are standing beside him can't figure them out.  Greg started out doing magic as a kid, went to magic camp and stuck with it.  Find out how he avoids feeling like a hack.  Greg was born on the same day (not year) that Houdini arrived in America.  Do you know what Houdini's real name is AND what Greg's worst line is during his magic routine? Go see Greg perform his one hour show at The Slipper Room on September 4th. 

Shonali went to San Diego to visit a family immigrant shelter run by Jewish Family Services of San Diego. She was moved and saddened after hearing stories from families who have been in detention.  She was also moved and inspired a week later in Atlanta when out of the blew she got to meet Rep. John Lewis.  She pleads everyone to get involved and to react to injustice by calling it out which was requested by Rep. Lewis. In his words, we must "make good noise." 

Christian and Shonali's second guest is a comedian, host, writer and producer Chelsea White  She is wearing the loveliest jumpsuit and sandals.  Chelsea hosts a podcast called "Ghosted" offering up stories of being ghosted and being a ghoster.  She dated a self-titled "recovering sociopath" for a second. She also hosts Adulting, a web series show on Bravo which features Bravolebrities (first time we've heard of that term.) Chelsea shares a tip on how to break up with a toxic friend. She loves cats and has a web series show called Show Me Ur Kitty.  She produced MTV's Girl Code.  But Shonali's most excited about the fact that Chelsea met a superstar from the show Dateline at Crime Con.  Who could that be? Look for Chelsea's Instagram Live talk show coming out in September called What A Delight with Chelsea White!

Shonali and Christian's last guest is phenomenal musician Tash Neal.  Tash's parents are super talented.  His mom is an opera singer who sings with the Philharmonic and his dad Michael Neal can play 27 instruments.  Tash tries to keep up with them. He's performed with his band The London Souls for about 10 years and is now going by Tash Neal. Listen to Tash describe his favorite NYC public access show with THE guy with the record player and a single camera and let us know if you know THE guy!  It sounds so good. We need him on this show. Tash knows Slash!  Tash tells us about a horrible car accident he was in 7 years ago which caused him to be in a coma. He's lucky to be alive! We are lucky he's alive!   Tash performs two songs, Isabel and Sweet Cup and boy is it SWEEET!!! Go see Tash perform at Pianos on August 29th. 

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It's the beginning of the real summer of NYC.  Its time to bus out your washcloths y'all!  Christian and Shonali went to Mexico City and must poll the audience on flip flops. The first guest of WDEK Ep. 71 is accomplished actor Ato Essandoh.  Christian starts reading off his IMDB which is way too long to list here but check it out for yourself. Currently he's one of the television stars of CBS' The Code, was the star of Netflix' Altered Carbon and HBO's Vinyl; also holding roles in movies such as Django Unchained, Blood Diamond, Jason Bourne and so many more. Ato shares his journey from being a chemical engineering student at Cornell to becoming a professional actor.  Christian and Ato get educated as to the new national dance craze, The Git Up by Shonali. Ato is refreshingly humble for being such an accomplished actor.  He comments on luck in the business and his obligation to help others out.  By all accounts Meryl Streep is perfection in a human. 

Shonali shares a personal story about her love for Bigfoot and shares and special email she received about Bigfoot from her friend Steve in Savannah, GA.

WDEK's second guest is comedian Sam Morrison.  He too went to Cornell as Ato did.  Who knew artists graduated from Cornell? Sam is more interested in having a conversation with Ato than Shonali and Christian but they lock him down and find out that within two years of graduating and living in NYC, Sam's comedy career has skyrocketed. Shonali wants to call his mom Pam to explain his success. Sam came out as a gay man on stage mostly because he was bombing.  Sam won the Make Me Laugh Comedy Contest and his solo show Hello, Daddy! is previewing from July 12 - July 27, 2019 at 59 E. 59 before he goes to Edinburgh.  Check it out! 

Christian tells a story which makes him look bad when the show is interrupted by Theo The Choreographer.  Theo claims the "show is off the rails."  Theo who was hired by Shonali and Christian instructs them as to how to improve the show. Shonali & Christian promise they will work harder. 

WDEK's last guest is soul singer-songwriter musician and animator Kendra Morris. Kendra is from Florida as is our guest Sam Morrison. Kendra comes from a family of musicians. She quit after one semester of college to focus on her music career and partying. After quitting her "shitty' all female band which she moved with to NYC and in which SHE confesses was the problem, Kendra shares how she gained perspective in NYC and also specifically gained inspirational insight from her old friend Anton of Brian Jonestown Massacre.  Kendra was recently featured on both last year's Czarface Meets Metalface and this year's Czarface Meets Ghostface albums.  Catch Kendra on tour this coming fall! 

Thanks to our guest appearance by Theo The Choreographer, aka Theo Koppel. Our next show is on July 30, 2019. See you there and follow us on all socials at wdekpodcast ! 

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Christian is back in the Red Room for Ep. 70 of We Don't Even Know.  Shonali and Christian can't help but spread the word of the phenomenal soul r&b pop hip hop artist Lizzo after seeing her live show just a few days earlier. We quickly move from self-love to self-mutilation - you sort of could call it that - waxing is not so popular these days is it? That's the question.  Bushes are back in  - well that's what Shonali thinks. 

Shonali and Christian's first guest is writer Jamela Zahra (@ 00:12:35).  She explodes on to the podcast with an unpleasant waxing story.  Jamela grew up with MTV and always wanted to be a VJ. Her dream was to kick a blunt with Janet Jackson.  We believe that dream will come true.  Jamela has a website called HighHowAreYou.com geared to women who smoke cannabis, especially women of color.  Jamela's ultimate goal is to break down the stigma of smoking pot for black people.  After saying she herself should have her own brand of weed, she confessed she would like to have her own cookie company.  Mackenzie Besos if you're listening, we've found a good cause for you to support.    

Our second guest is Kate Willett (@00:38:37) is from the Bay Area in Cali and Shonali has flashbacks of rope sandals, unflushed toilets to when she lived in Santa Cruz, CA.  Kate just made an appearance on Stephen Colbert which we will all get to see later this summer. Do you know what makes social media enjoyable? Kate has been spending time working on art she cares about, such as a book about contemporary masculinity with the working title "Good Guys."  We can't wait to read it.  The convo moves from deep hippie state to hookup culture - the good, the bad, the ugly. Kate is and has been doing great things including touring in India, China and Australia. Kate's brand of comedy in India blows Shonali's mind.  Check out Kate's special on Netflix! 

We #GetItOffYourChest (@1:02:00) with WDEK's great friend Mike Stuto! Christian would like to have the ear of his periodontist.  Shonali explains what is supposed to happen in "the Quiet Lounge" at a spa.  Mike Stuto will not have it anymore with the pretentiousness of vinyl lovers, which means he's talking about Shonali. 

Our last guest is writer, singer, rocker Lenny Zenith, (@1:13:28) originally from NOLA and currently a long time New Yorker.  As a kid, Lenny went to school at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts along with fellow students such as Wynton and Branford Marsalis and Harry Connick, Jr. Lenny explains that even though his music has roots in new wave and punk rock, the aforementioned jazz artists were deeply influential on him, in terms of witnessing their talent, persistence and work ethic.  Lenny is transgender and shares with WDEK an inspirational story of transitioning as a 14 year old in New Orleans.  Lenny moved to NYC ready to rock and was a member of Jenifer Convertible, Tenterhooks and RZA.  Only recently has Lenny been recording under his own name, Lenny Zenith.  Lenny sings two of his songs during this episode, including a brand new unrecorded tune and one on his latest record What If The Sun called The Wish.  

Thanks to our WDEK crew, Daria Huxley our photographer, Justin The Intern  - Justin Hall for our great intros, Ezana Million our sound engineer and Lori Schwarz our Red Room hostess and bartender! Special thanks to Lenny who sold CDs after the show with proceeds going towards trans people of color.  Thank you ALL! Follow us on all social media @wdekpodcast !  

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Special guest co-host comedian Courtney Fearrington joins Shonali as they celebrate the taping of Ep. 69 with special guests comedian Rufat Agayev, musician Deah Harriott and atmospheric scientist Campbell Watson.  

Courtney and Shonali start it all out on a serious note discussing  Nashville, the bachelor and bachelorette party capital of the country.

We put our guest atmospheric scientist & surfer Campbell Watson on the spot and asked him to tell it to us straight. Are we going to die tomorrow? Campbell is from Australia and we can't figure out is he saying algae or alga blooms? We did learn about the good things that humans have done in fighting climate change. Make sure to find Cambpell's artistic and performative work either on stage or online and stop using plastic bags at the grocery. 

Our second guest is comedian Rufat Agayev, who moved to NYC 8 years ago by way of Florida where he went to college and "trickled down to sociology" as a major.  There he started to perform as a rapper opening up for big names such as Wiz Khalifa and Dead Prez.  Rufat is part Azerbaijani and part Armenian. Rufat talks about loving comedy as a craft, including his early years in comedy getting his "ass kicked" doing open mics.  Go see Rufat's show Hell Fucking Yeah at Lucky 13 Saloon.

Our Get It Off Your Chest audience performer is John Uhlenhake. He's a loyal supporter of WDEK.  Shonali talks about germaphobes making it germier for the rest of us.  John alarms us with what he sees people doing while riding their bikes.  Courtney talks walking protocol in NYC.  Get it together walkers!

Our last guest is a singer, pianist and music teacher Deah Harriott . If that's not enough Deah is also the Minister of Music at Bethany Baptist Church, (Rev. Al Sharpton's church) and Music Director at Marble Collegiate Church.  Deah can't get over Shonali's husband's name "Jasper Patch."  Shonali goes on and on about Deah's impressive family BUT she's the one who was called a child prodigy at age 2.  Deah is proud to come from Lincoln, Nebraska.  Who knew?  All of our guest members want to go to Deah's church with her.  Deah blows us away with her renditions of Time After time by Cyndi Lauper and Still I Rise by Yalonda Adams.  

Thank you all!  See you at our next live show May 28th at Red Room.  Make sure you go to Courtney's live show Som Like It Hot Saturday afternoon June 1st at Caveat where he pairs up wines with his favorite comedians.  

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It's March, it's springtime and it's still cold in NYC but we'll warm you up with our fabulous guests.  Nice, huh?  Special guests include painter, video artist Samantha Nye; stand up comedian Courtney Fearrington; illustrator and writer Jemima Williams; and performer, musician, playwright Benjamin Scheuer!  

Christian and Shonali discuss spring attire in the cold and Christian's ability to draw random people towards him wherever he goes.  Could it be it's his name?

The first guest is painter and video artist Samantha Nye.  She started had a professional career as a little girl which was being a child model.  When the work dried up, she found her way to art after leaving a massage therapist instructor career behind.  Samantha's art is powerful, compelling and lesbian focused. She delves into family relationships and the inherent sexuality found within those relationships.  Find out how she crossed the line with her supportive parents via her provocative art....she was an undergrad at the time. Check out Samantha's work at SamanthaNye.com

Christian and Shonali discuss Women's History Month and the invisibility of women's work. Shonali wants everyone to know Sister Rosetta Tharpe.  Look her up now.  Also some data points regarding the amount of women vs. men's leisure time. 

The second guest is comedian and writer Courtney Fearrington. Maybe you saw him on a new Boost Mobile commercial that came out a few weeks ago.  He has on some great Air Max sneakers bc it's Air Max day.  Courtney is a former Marine  who found his way to stand-up comedy during security briefings.  Shonali and Courtney  connect on the concept of not allowing friends to waste your paper towels. 2019 is the year of Courtney's most honest self. Are you honest?  Courtney has a show called Somm Like It Hot which is a wine tasting paired with a favorite comic.  Go to his shows! 

Our hostess bartender at Red Room, Lori Schwarz joins us for Get It Off Your Chest!  Christian has issues w Shonali's lack of Facetime etiquette. Shonali realizes that her inclination to always embrace the elderly may not be on point.  Find out what happens to Lori when she commiserates with a bar patron about a #MeToo story about his wife.

Our final guests are married couple, new parents and artistic collaborators Jemima Williams and Benjamin Scheuer. Jemima Williams is an illustrator and writer. Benjamin Scheuer is a musician, playwright and performer.  They recently collaborated on a children's book called Hibernate With Me which was published in February 2019. Jemima is from England and moved to NYC to be with Benjamin.  Her transition from giving up her life in England to living in the US  did not go as smoothly as she expected.  It was this that inspired Benjamin to write the song Hibernate With Me for Jemima.  We discuss divorce o'clock, the credit given to a dad vs a mother for carrying a baby and their upcoming children's book. Benjamin sings 3 songs for us, Hibernate With Me, a song from his Drama Desk Award winning musical solo show The Lion called Weather The Storm, and Hello Jemima.







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2019 continues to be better than we thought it would be. Our Ep. 67 guests are stand-up comedian, writer, actor Sean Patton; actor, writer, producer Eric Lockley; and musician, comedian, artist Caitlin Cook.  

It's February, the month of love, Black History Month, the month of the sauna and the red carpet for Christian and Shonali!  Our first guest of the night is Eric Lockley, an actor, writer, producer and a winner of the Amateur Night at the Apollo as a seven year old! Eric is one of the founders of the Movement Theater and a Producing Artistic Leader.  Eric was one of the producers of a powerful interactive experimental theatrical hit show called What To Send Up When It Comes Down by Aleshea Harris which was created to honor the black lives lost to “racialized violence."  We talk collective truths, comedy in drama, how much fish is too much fish and Jennifer Lewis as next year's Oscar Host. Watch Eric's web series Blacker here!

For the first time ever in WDEK history, audience members, Catherine and Brad, have a lover's quarrel in the middle of our show. Shonali and Christian as love experts, naturally decide to bring them up on stage to discuss their problems. Shonali takes lead as a couples therapist. Christian is a skeptic.  

Our second guest is comedian, writer and actor Sean Patton.  You've seen him on Comedy Central, Fallon, Conan.  Sean has Shonali's back regarding her comment about her husband's fart sounding like a question mark.  Sean is from the wonderful city of New Orleans. Shonali got married there.  We talk the Howling Wolf, Hurricane Katrina and Sean is emphatic that Spike Lee should have won an Oscar for When The Levees Broke .  What joke does Sean tell when a stranger who finds out he's a comedian asks him to tell a joke?? Lucky for you we did not edit it out of this episode although we thought about it!  Sean just returned from performing in China. Who do you know that has done that?  Check out Sean's new podcast coming out later this month along with our next guest Caitlin Cook called Five Words.  

We Get It Off Your Chest with audience member Jako Borren.  Shonali does not appreciate strangers passing off their unfunny stories to her as a gift to her to use for on the stage. Christian talks about proper gifting techniques for clothing.  Jako has not one but two GIOYC's regarding Black History Month and Valentine's Day.  

Our final guest is musician, comedian, and artist Caitlin Cook. She happens to also be Sean Patton's girlfriend.  The show comes full circle, we talk about love and what sealed the deal for Caitlin regarding her relationship with Sean.  Caitlin has a master's degree in maritime archeology. Find out why Shonali is flipping out over who Caitlin's grandfather is. Although she wrote her first song at 4 years old, she never really felt the urge to perform due to growing up in LA where every kid is in show biz.  Now that Caitlin has a code of conquering fears, she performs often to get over her stage fright.  She performs her music under the moniker Candid Bandit to distinguish  from her comedy music.  Caitlin is preparing to perform her one woman show in Edinburgh this summer.  Her new EP Bridges to Burn release party is on April 5th at Rockwood. Go see her!  She performs a beautiful cover of Eiffel 65's Blue and an original titled Howl from her new EP.  Enjoy!



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We start out 2019 with an explosion not a bang. Our guests are award-winning investigative journalist May Jeong, award-winning writer/stand up comedian Josh Gondelman and singular blues punk rock n’ roll bad ass musician Shilpa Ray. Along with special surprise guest Mitch The Enthusiasm Coach and Megan Fitzpatrick Gets It Off Her Chest.

Christian and Shonali catch up on the holidays, mom talk, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Schulz' signature and the opportunity which 2019 will hopefully bring.

Their first guest is investigative journalist May Jeong.  May is a wunderkind.  She's spent years living in Afghanistan covering the war and received high accolades for reporting from there.  We discuss her courage, smarts and as she calls it being "young and dumb" in terms of saying yes to every opportunity to get the real story.  Look for her upcoming work in the New Yorker regarding another explosive ground breaking story.

Shonali's new 2019 positive attitude is due to the new man in her life, Mitch The Enthusiasm Coach.  Mitch who also wears two headbands at one time shows Christian how to get inspired about the year and take charge of his life.  

The second guest in the lineup is award winning writer and stand up comedian Josh Gondelman.  He was a former writer for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and currently write for the new late night show on Showtime with Desus and Mero.  What Christian and Shonali find most interesting about Josh is that he is from Boston, has no accent AND was a former preschool teacher. 2019 is going to be a big one for Josh.  He just recorded a one hour comedy live special and has written a new book "Nice Try - Story of Best Intentions and Mixed Results" to come out this year. Oh and Desus and Mero's show debuts on February 21st. 

Get It Off Your Chest with audience member Megan Fitzpatrick.  She comes forth with martini in hand.  Our problems stem mostly from the weather and inconsiderate people.  Whew, don't you feel better. 

Our last guest is the amazing multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter punk rock blues musician Shilpa Ray.  Wow.  Shonali bonds with Shilpa on being Bengali Female Desis who play rock n' roll.  Unbelievably she had a music pageant dad who had to force her to practice her harmonium and vocals at a young age.  Believably he also still wants her to go to med school.  Shilpa says she is actually shy which is shocking.  Shilpa kindly answers Christian's template musician question beautifully.  Please go see Shilpa play live at El Cortez on February 8th with James Chance to find out why people call her god. Shilpa performs two songs live on piano in the Red Room, 1) Same Sociopath and 2). Cry For the Cameras  Enjoy!  Happy New Year! Also special thanks to Matt Hunziker for coming in a crushing it as Mitch the Enthusiasm Coach!

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