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We Don’t Even Know is a monthly live show including real talk, music & comedy.  Though Shonali & Christian like to give each other hell, together they celebrate a wide array of voices which are not heard enough! Guests come from the worlds of comedy, music, journalism, art, science, social, justice, dance, theater and more! 

Aug 19, 2020

Christian Felix, Shonali Bhowmik and Justin The Intern celebrated their 8 Yr. Anniversary with special guest comedian Shalewa Sharpe on 7/28/20.  Christian and Shonali chose  highlights from their over 80 episodes to discuss with Shalewa.  Topics covered include pandemic fashion, sanitizing body parts, your only black friend, mask culture, white activism, NYC sex guidelines, marijuana laugh, roasting skills, the "good guy" syndrome, BLM, holidays personified as people, hardwired for hope, job security, Mr. Show, fart punctuation and Jason Lam & Jiminy.  Shalewa was hilarious & gracious as usual, sharing with us her unique innate wisdom and  says "Even I didn't know I was that deep."   We shared highlights from our prior shows with guest appearances by Chelsea Peretti, Kenice Mobley, M. Lamar, Jeremy O. Harris, Patrick Waldo, Nore Davis, Sean Patton, May Jeong, Melena Ryzik, Felice Rosser.  Even Shonali's husband Jasper Patch makes an appearance.  You can check out the video version of the show on Facebook here!