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We Don’t Even Know is a monthly live show including real talk, music & comedy.  Though Shonali & Christian like to give each other hell, together they celebrate a wide array of voices which are not heard enough! Guests come from the worlds of comedy, music, journalism, art, science, social, justice, dance, theater and more! 

Sep 8, 2021

Justin The Intern is the father of a month old baby! Whoa! Christian was mask shamed in Justin's home state.  Shonali learns what "bussin" means.  It's US Open Tennis Tournament time in NYC and we needed this!  Our guests are comedian, performers, writers Merrill Davis and Táhlia Audrí!

Merrill currently lives in Los Angeles.  She generously shares her expert napping techniques with us.  She's a pro napper and she and Christian may go into business together!  Merrill answers our questions about her experiences as a person with ADHD.  Merrill has been doing a solo show on the challenges she has faced and the misconceptions about ADHD called Merrill Means Well.  Follow her on IG to make sure you see her perform!!  

Táhlia Audri, originally hails from Charleston, SC but came to NYC to fulfill her dreams as an all around performer. She shares the joy of drinking from a green goblet.  Táhlia is relatively new to cycling in NYC and loves it.  We talk biking attire and the videos she's been making while on her treks in Central Park! Táhlia sings, acts, writes and she performs a song live on our show. She's in search of the perfect hair care products for her 4C hair - she "needs more options."  So go to her Twitter and share your advice if you will!  Tahlia's QT 2020 musical comedy parody about quarantine life can be found here! 

Special shout out to the Prospect Park Monarch Butterfly cyclist. If you know her, please let her know we love her.

Special shout out to Duane Harriott - former guest, former co-host and dear friend to WDEK!  Today is his last day on the air doing the #DUANETRAIN show - a legendary show on #WFMU which weekly has brought us joy, good vibes, grooves and happiness for years!  We love you Duane! Follow Duane on Soundcloud here!